Know Before You GO!


 Covid.PNG  Covid-19

There are no Covid-19 restrictions to attend Balloon Fiesta at this time, but we do suggest the following:
•    If you feel ill or if you have a fever, please do not attend Balloon Fiesta. If you have already purchased tickets, you will allowed to use them the next year.
•    If you become ill while attending Balloon Fiesta, we suggest you leave the park and consider getting a Covid-19 test. 

See More Covid-19 Information 

AllowedInformation on What's Allowed at the Park and What's Not plus Screening. (Downloadable PDF)

NoDrones2.png  Drones at Balloon Fiesta

Balloon Fiesta and the surrounding areas will be a NO DRONE ZONE October 7-15, 2023. For the safety of the balloon operators and spectators, the FAA has established a Temporary Flight restriction area that will be effective for the duration of this event. 

The restricted area is a four-mile radius from the center of Balloon Fiesta Park. Click here for a detailed map (outer green circle marks the four mile mark of the TFR).  

If in the No Drone Zone, drone operators will be notified upon powerup. A red screen will be used to indicate to users that they are within the Temporary Flight Restriction area.

 WeatherStationSymbol.pngThe Weather Stations that are on our PZ map can be found HERE.

Bike.png An interactive Albuquerque Bike Map for mobile devices can be found HERE.

  redBike.png A PDF Bike Trail Map can be downloaded HERE.