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Balloon Fiesta™ Live! is a live stream of all 14 events of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Anchored by Glen Moyer and Art Lloyd Jr., it's the next best thing to being at Balloon Fiesta in person! With multiple and unique camera angles, Glen and Art provide expert commentary based in part on their personal experience in flying hot air balloons and their personal friendship with many of our pilots and crews from our "rooftop studio". Joined in 2018 by fellow balloonists/journalists Ruth Lind and Kim Vesley, the Balloon Fiesta Live! on-air team has more than 125 years of ballooning and broadcast experience. If you can't be at Balloon Fiesta in person, or just want to relive the experience, check out Balloon Fiesta™ Live!  using the links below, or on Facebook or YouTube. And while you're there, Like, Follow, and Subscribe to our page and channel. 

The 2021 Live Streams will be at 6 am each day for the morning events, and 6 pm for the evening events. America's Challenge launch will be streamed live when it happens. It's currently scheduled for the first Saturday and would be part of the Saturday evening stream.

The On-Air Team!

Your hosts Art Lloyd Jr. and Glen Moyer 2019

Anchors Art Lloyd Jr. and Glen Moyer from the rooftop studio.    Check out the entire team in action!

Balloon Fiesta Live! Spinoff Premiers. It's Balloon Fiesta Stuff Online!

The Black Friday rush and deals may be gone, and the physical store remains closed to the public, but there is still a wide variety of items in the Balloon Fiesta Online Gift shop. You can certainly go "window shopping" at BalloonFiestaStuff.com anytime, but for a more in-depth look at what's available, check out our short 4-part series, Balloon Fiesta Stuff Online. Produced and hosted by Art Lloyd Jr. these 15-minute segments highlight different categories of products each week. While some of the products may have sold out, the shows still offer more details about a number of items. Check out the entire playlist.

Balloon Fiesta Live! Siesta Edition Wrapped!


The crew for Balloon Fiesta Live! Siesta Edition. Thanks, Studio 519!

The 2020 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta may have been postponed until 2021, but that didn't stop the Balloon Fiesta Live! crew.

Glen Moyer and Art Lloyd Jr, returned this year for Balloon Fiesta Live! Siesta Edition. Still live, still providing expert commentary based on their personal ballooning experiences and friendships with our pilots and crews, Glen and Art were live for 14 sessions during the 9 days of Balloon Fiesta week. The live streams aired at the same time Balloon Fiesta would have been taking place with as normal a schedule as possible. With live video of balloons flying and glowing around the state, pictures from around the world, newly edited videos from previous years, and some footage not seen before or in a lot of years, the show featured mass ascensions on mass ascension days, shapes on shapes days, and glows on glow nights. The team even managed to call a pop-up balloon glow LIVE over the air. And they didn't forget about our America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race. Missed any part of  Balloon Fiesta Live! Siesta Edition? It’s online right here on balloonfiesta.com. Just click on the date links in the schedule below to tune in. Even KOB-TV checked out the show. See their coverage here.

2020 Balloon Fiesta Live! Siesta Edition Schedule

 Click the date links to view the show!    Scroll down for links to previous years.

Date Focus Guests Special Highlights Length
10-3 AM Opening Ceremonies, Mass Ascension Sam Parks, AIBF Lifting Spirits Flights 90 min
10-3 PM America's Challenge Peter Cuneo & Barbara Fricke, Balloon Pilots   60 min
10-4 AM  Dawn Patrol Show, Mass Ascension John Davis, AIBF Lifting Spirits Flights 90 min
10-4 PM Fastrax SkyDive, Balloon Glow Matt Guthrie, re: Fastrax   60 min
10-5 AM Competition (Sid Cutter Memorial) Lisa Mulder, AIBF Merchandise,
Blair Kaufman, Balloon Pilot
Special New Product Release 90 min
10-6 AM Competition Matt Guthrie, President, President, AIBF Board of Directors
Laurie Riedle, AIBF Sponsorships
  90 min
10-7 AM Flight of Nations Nan Masland, Mgr., Albuquerque Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Balloon Museum 90 min
10-8 AM  Competition (2018) Henry Rosenbaum, Balloonmeister
Lisa Mulder, AIBF Merchandise
Pilot briefing 90 min
10-8 PM  Shapes Glowdeo Beth Wright-Smith, Balloon Pilot, Instructor, Examiner   60 min
10-9 AM Shapes Rodeo Ring Toss Judy Nakamura, AIBF,  Shape pilot Lots of Balloon Cam video too 90 min
10-9 PM Shapes Glowdeo none Skydivers, shapes (from 30 years ago too), and fireworks  90 min
10-10 AM Dawn Patrol, Mass Ascension  Scott Vesely, Dawn Patrol Team Leader Pilot Briefing, Chili Flight, Awards 90 min
10-10 PM Balloon Glow Tom Bueno, AIBF Chief Safety Officer  Regular Shapes Glow, beauty pictures, and crowd reactions 60 min
10-11 AM Farewell Mass Ascension  Sam Parks, AIBF   Pilot Briefing, Balloon Cam, XTO in the air 90 min

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