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Date Session Highlights Length
9-30 AM SPECIAL EDITION - Tribute Flight from Coronado Ctr 45 min
10-1 AM Dawn Patrol Show, Opening Ceremonies, Mass Ascension 2 hours 57 min
10-1 PM Twilight Twinkle Glow, Drone Show 2 hours 30 min
10-2 AM BONUS Aerial Drone Show Standalone 12 min
10-2 AM Dawn Patrol Show, Mass Ascension 3 hours 32 min
10-2 PM Balloon Glow, Fastrax Skydiving 2 hours 11 min
10-3 AM Competition Canceled, Static Display 2 hours 2 mins
10-4 AM Competition 4 hours 4 mins
10-5 AM Flight of Nations, Mass Ascension 1 hour 50 mins
10-6 AM Special Shapes Rodeo, Competition 4 hours 9 min
10-6 PM Special Shapes Glowdeo, Fastrax Skydiving 56 mins
10-7 AM Special Shapes Rodeo, Competition, RC Record Attempt  4 hours 8 mins
10-7 PM Special Shapes Glowdeo, Fastrax Skydiving 1 hour 48 mins
10-8 AM Dawn Patrol Show, Mass Ascension 2 hours 48 mins
10-8 BONUS Awards Ceremony 45 mins
10-8 PM Night Magic Glow, Fastrax Skydiving 18 mins
10-9 AM Dawn Patrol Show, Farewell Mass Ascension 3 hours 47 min
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Balloon Fiesta Live! Marks 6 years!

2022 marks the 6th year for Balloon Fiesta Live!, the live stream of all 14 sessions of the 9-day event. Once again this year, Glen Moyer and Art Lloyd Jr., will anchor the show from the rooftop studio, with Ruth Lind reporting from the field and Kim Vesely providing updates on America's Challenge. Approximately 40 hours of live coverage is planned for this 50th Anniversary and Event. And if that's not enough, more than 200 hours of live uninterrupted commercial-free coverage of the ascensions, glows, shapes, competitions, and more are now available "on-demand" using the links below. With multiple camera angles, including inside the target area for competition and in a balloon, Balloon Fiesta Live! provides a view unparalleled anywhere. And that's just a start. The on-air team each brings more than 30 years of ballooning, and broadcasting experience to the table. There just isn't a more knowledgeable and entertaining team anywhere! Check out the videos, from 2021 and before. And whether you're at Balloon Fiesta in person, or have to be away, Balloon Fiesta Live! is your ticket to the wonder, joy, and beauty of Balloon Fiesta.

The Balloon Fiesta Live! Team

The 2021 BF Live! Team

Anchors Art Lloyd Jr. and Glen Moyer at the desk.
Back row (L-R) Bobbie Tuley, Ruth Lind, Kim Vesely, Greg Tanner. Orele Fisher joins the team for 2022.

Check out more shots of the team in action!

2019 Balloon Fiesta Live! Highlight Reel

Welcome to Balloon Fiesta® Live!

Balloon Fiesta Live! is a live stream of all 14 sessions of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta®. Anchored by Glen Moyer and Art Lloyd Jr. It's the next best thing to being at Balloon Fiesta in person! With multiple and unique camera angles, Glen and Art provide expert commentary based in part on their personal experience in flying hot air balloons and their personal friendship with many of our pilots and crews from our "rooftop studio". Joined in 2018 by fellow balloonists/journalists Ruth Lind and Kim Vesley, the Balloon Fiesta Live! on-air team has more than 125 years of ballooning and broadcast experience. If you can't be at Balloon Fiesta in person, or just want to relive the experience, check out Balloon Fiesta Live!  using the links below, or on Facebook or YouTube. And while you're there, Like, Follow, and Subscribe to our page and channel. 

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