The 52nd Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is scheduled for October 5-13, 2024


The countdown for the 52nd Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta powered by ExxonMobil is underway! Mark your calendars now to attend the event, scheduled to occur October 5-13, 2024!

Media updates will be provided from If you have questions or would like to plan coverage of the 2023 event please reach out to our media team through

To help you plan your coverage of the 51st Balloon Fiesta, take a look at the 2023 Media Guide and Media Planner. 

2023 Media Guide

2023 Media Planner

The 2023 Balloon Fiesta will include total coverage by an Annular Solar Eclipse during the tail end of the Mass Ascension on October 14, 2023. The annular eclipse will start 10:34:30am and conclude t 10:39:16am.

Media Registration

Media registration for the 51st event has closed. For questions or credential requests, please email

Event Information

2023 will mark the 51st time that the Balloon Fiesta has filled Albuquerque's crystal blue skies. The Balloon Fiesta is the premier international ballooning event, powered by the typically perfect October climate and a phenomenon called the "Albuquerque Box," (a combination of weather patterns and geographic landscape, the box allows balloonists to control and even retrace their adventure) that is great for spectators and pilots as they can possibly take off and land from the same location.

The place to be in October 2023 is at Balloon Fiesta Park. The 360-acre park includes 100 acres of grass and booths that will be filled with balloons and concessions. During the 50th event, Balloon Fiesta launched more than 640 hot air balloons. The event also invited pilots representing 22 countries and more than 80 food and merchandise vendors. It’s been said that the breakfast burrito, the perfect grab and go meal for our pilots, gained its prominence at Balloon Fiesta. 

Balloon Fiesta Photo Requests

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Media Information

Media credentials will be provided to qualified media (see below). The credentials package includes a parking pass and admission to the event. It also includes access to the media hospitality area, work center (with powerstrips) and a media photography tower positioned in the media hospitality area. Credentialed media also have an opportunity to sign up for hot air balloon rides from Balloon Fiesta Park with our media pilots, during the event. 

Qualifying Media 

Balloon Fiesta welcomes and works with members of the media from all media platforms including broadcast, print, photography and digital. In order to qualify for media credentials, you must be a member of the media (traditional and/or digital), meaning the work you produce at Balloon Fiesta must be developed to be shared with a larger audience, on a qualifying media platform. 

Reporters, producers, videographers, photographers applying for media credentials as “traditional media” (broadcast and print),  will need to provide credentials from the organization or a letter of assignment from a manager of the media assigning the work (i.e. editor, publisher, news director) that can be verified.  The material produced must be scheduled for broadcast/print within a year of the 2023 Balloon Fiesta. If it is a longer-term project, please include additional information as an attachment to your letter of assignment. If your project requires a larger crew (three or more), additional planning or assistance from our media team, heavy equipment, etc. please contact our team directly to plan accordingly at

Media that have previously received credentials will need to submit a sample of the Balloon Fiesta coverage secured as a result of being credentialed media at Balloon Fiesta. This will need to be submitted as a PDF as a part of the application process. If you are a member of the media and want to upload your coverage in advance of the media registration process opening, please  click here.

If your sole purpose for seeking media credentials is to build a portfolio, stock images, "spec" or for sale/resale you can still attend the event, just not with a media credential.

If you have questions about the 2023 application process, please email our media team via

Balloon Fiesta media credential criteria and the total number of credentials that are available may change based on public health orders, guidance form the Centers for Disease Control and Balloon Fiesta’s ability to create a safe environment for credentialed media.

Social Media Influencer Criteria

Professionals seeking media credentials as a social media influencer (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) will need to include public and verified social media accounts for the Balloon Fiesta media team to review. Below is the criterion:

  • Followers of at least 5,000 on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
  • An average engagement rate of 2% or higher
  • Have published content within the past three months of applying
  • Post at least four (4) times each month to the respective social media platform
  • Must have respective threads for relatable themes, such as travel, events, tourism, etc.
  • Must be 18 years or older

Blogger Criteria

Media credential applications for "Bloggers" (can be written, verbal or visual content) please identify your blog’s website address.  The Balloon Fiesta team will review the sites to review recent posts and look for consistency in posting. The sites will need to also have relatable themes to Balloon Fiesta and travel/tourism. Below is the criterion:

  • Unique website visitors of 5,000 each month
  • Must have published content within the past three months of applying
  • Must post at least twice each month
  • Must have at least 500 followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest
  • Must have relatable themes to Balloon Fiesta and travel/tourism
  • Must be 18 years or older

Balloon Fiesta Media Resources

The 2023 Media Guide (also available at media check-in) is now available. It will help you plan for your trip, coverage of the event or help to guide you when developing a story. 

Media Access

Since the first Balloon Fiesta in 1972, media representing over 50 nations have covered this newsworthy event.  With traditional and digital coverage reaching an audience of over 1.7 billion, media outlets covering Balloon Fiesta have included live broadcast and cable programs (broadcasting on the field and inflight) as well as long format documentaries and motion pictures. The event provides a livestream of the launch field, information on how to access the feed will be provided in the media guide as the event approaches. If your organization has its own satellite truck, cell phone pack or backpack unit we ask you work with our team to determine the best field location so not to interrupt launch operations or the guest experience.  We have Wi-Fi and mobile coverage that can accommodate most live shots. 

#BalloonFiesta on Social Media

In 2019, more than 3.4 billion impressions were generated on digital and traditional media. One of the ways we convene our community is by using #BalloonFiesta on our various platforms. 

The official hashtag of the event is #BalloonFiesta. Connect with us on the following social networks for event updates:

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