The Application window for 2024 photographers has closed. Applications for 2025 will be accepted starting March 1, 2025. 

If you'd like a chance to join our team, check out the expectations, and consider submitting your application. 
Applications for 2024 closed on April 15.

The 2023 Official Photographer Team

So big we couldn't get them all in, even with two photos.


front row (l-r) Alejandro Tarango, James Beck, David Rider, Nicole Bradshaw, Scott Hughes, Cynthia Brittain
back row (l-r) Sibulle Maus, Triston Garcia, Shaun Paques, Don Henderson, Bud Betz, Don Constantine, Audrey Djuricich


 front row (l-r) Thomas Beck, Shaun Paques, Scott Hughes
middle row (l-r) Sibylle Maus, Stephanie Rudd, Judy Dunham, Angel Lopez, Cynthia Brittain, Nicole Bradshaw
back row (l-r) Audrey Djuricich, Don Henderson, Don Constantine, Alejandro  Tarango

The 2022 Official Photographer Team



Highlights from our 2023 Official Photographer Team

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