2023 Photographer Application

Interested in being an official photographer for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta? Read the expectations below and be ready to apply for 2023 when the window reopens.
Applications open March 1, 2023 - Applications close April 15, 2023

Have questions? Contact Ken Tuley ktuley@balloonfiesta.com

Expectations of all photographers

AIBF desires photographers to take high-quality photographs and videos before and during Balloon Fiesta to meet AIBF’s needs for web and high-quality print use. Photographs must be 300 DPI or greater. Videos must be 1080p or higher. More details on the format, resolution, etc of the photographs will be provided to those selected for the team.

Note, it is desired to have some photographers on-site starting the Thursday before the event.

The photographer retains ownership of all photos but grants unrestricted, unconditional, and non-exclusive rights to AIBF to use the photos.

The photographer acknowledges that some photographs may be used in merchandise photo products (such as calendars, photo books, magnets) without additional compensation.

The photographer acknowledges that some videos may be used in promotional and training videos published worldwide without additional compensation.

The photographer shall upload the photographs/video into designated AIBF online folders no later than October 30, 2023. Photographers should plan for this short window to complete the processing, naming, and uploading of all photos and videos. In addition, it is expected that processing, naming, and uploading will occur during Balloon Fiesta to avoid a last-minute crunch of work and uploads. By submitting an application you certify that you have the capacity to meet this deadline.

The photographer shall title each photograph/video using the designated AIBF naming convention.

The photographer shall sort photographs/videos into separate files in the folder based on the events/venues assigned to the Photographer.

The photographer agrees to provide no less than 25 usable, high-quality photographs, of each assignment per session assigned to the photographer.

The photographer understands and agrees to conduct all activities in a safe, legal, businesslike manner.

The photographer agrees to arrive at the assigned locations in a timely manner to allow for the best shots possible.

The photographer agrees to transmit to and notify the Photographer Coordinator any “news-worthy” photographs/videos within 3 hours of it being taken.

Photographers are responsible for all travel, lodging, and other expenses. Rooms should be booked immediately upon acceptance of the position.

Paid photographers
The paid photographer will be on-site for all 14 sessions, in addition to other assigned events.
The paid photographer will receive a parking pass, and admission to sponsor hospitality in addition to monetary compensation.

Navigator (Volunteer) photographers
The Navigator Photographer will be onsite for a minimum of 5 sessions and must complete all assigned tasks
The Navigator photographer will receive all standard Navigator benefits. (parking, admission, etc)