Balloon Fiesta Web Reciprocal Link Policy

We appreciate you telling others about our site on the World Wide Web and you are welcome to provide a hyperlink from your site to ours provided such links do not imply endorsement by us or any affiliation without our specific written permission. Because we are a nonprofit organization that relies heavily on contributions from our sponsors, we will give reciprocal links to sponsors of record upon notification of their home page World Wide Web address by way of activating a hyperlink with their sponsor listing on our Web site.

If your company or organization is one of our sponsors and has your own home page on the World Wide Web, please notify us of your home page address and where you have provided a hyperlink to our site from yours. We will activate a link to your site as quickly as possible.

If your company or organization is not one of our sponsors, we will be evaluating reciprocal link requests on a case-by-case basis. Here are some issues to be addressed in our evaluation:

  1. Your company or organization must not be a direct competitor of one of our official sponsors.
  2. First priority for consideration beyond our official sponsors will be given to educational institutions, government agencies, state and city tourism centers, and non-profit organizations.
  3. You must provide us with your World Wide Web home page address for review and indicate where you have placed or intend to place a hyperlink to our site.
  4. Your site must provide quality content that would be of interest to our visitors and must not contain pornographic verbiage or graphics.
  5. From the theme expressed at your site, we must be able to readily see the value of exchanging links with your company or organization.
  6. If we decide to include a reciprocal link to your site, we will notify you via email when the link is activated on our Web. It will be up to you to notify us of any changes to the address of the link activated. If we should find an expired link in our Web search activities, we will automatically remove it from our reciprocal web links list.

Please send all reciprocal link requests to


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1972 film footage by James W. Guthrie