OCT. 6-14 2018

Gordon Bennett

Dating back almost 100 years, the Gordon Bennett race is the premier gas balloon distance race, and attracts some of the most experienced and distinguished pilot teams from around the world. This legendary race is often compared to the America’s Cup Yacht Race for the endurance necessary to compete and win. And while the mission of the race is simple, executing that mission is anything but easy. The winning team is the one that flies the farthest distance from the launch site. But desire alone won’t carry a team to victory.

Physical resistance, mental strength, strong morale and incredible knowledge of winds and weather are the keys to taking home the cup. The race is named after James Gordon Bennett Jr., who founded the International Herald Tribune and was a great sponsor of air sports. Each country is allowed to enter their three best teams.

In this section you can learn more about the Gordon Bennett and its history and access some of the statistics of past races. Once the race begins, you can follow the competitors’ progress via live computerized tracking on this site.

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