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Jul 13, 2015

Soaring Into Service

Cultures Connected By Great Customer Service

The greatest impression we can make for those visiting the Balloon Fiesta is the quality of the customer service that we deliver to each and every one of our customers.  The one thing people will remember aside from the beautiful balloons is the people here and how they were treated by them during their visit to Albuquerque. This is our opportunity to make a great first impression. It’s easy to define great service, but it’s not easy to deliver it. The challenge lies in building a strong service culture that aligns with our already unique and genuine southwestern culture.

Great service skills are learned behaviors. Here at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, we are the center for showcasing great southwestern hospitality and every one of us must do our part to make sure that feeling is expressed with each interaction.  Sometimes the best service happens when we least expect it. When we bring service to the front line and reinforce it with a positive work environment, our guests will feel the difference.  It is expressed in the way we treat the customer.

Our community’s signature event is now focusing on having our own signature service. We understand that if our guests are treated well, they will tell others and the “word of mouth” advertising will spread to their family and friends. What makes us unique? Our mixed and diverse culture makes us a special place; great food and great people. At AIBF, we are connecting our great cultural characteristics to our authentic service culture. People are nice here, and we want the world to know it. So it begins with the service moment itself.

What Is a Service Moment?

Every interaction—or missed interaction—is a service moment.  The many “service moments” or interactions that occur between a customer and an AIBF ambassador shape the customer’s perceptions about the value and quality of the service experience. In return, that translates to their perception about our community.  Everyone in our business here at the Balloon Fiesta is an ambassador for us and for the community.  

 Service has no shelf life.  Service is a product that is produced, delivered and consumed in each service moment.  The overall service experience is perceived by the customer as either poor, good or excellent based on the accumulated perceptions of each service moment.  Service excellence is the result of making the entire service experience satisfying for the customer by creating a series of positive service moments.  Each service moment influences how the customer feels about the Balloon Fiesta, and Albuquerque.    

 Everyone who interacts with customers is creating a service moment—and responsible for creating service excellence.  The attitude of the Ambassador influences the service moment.  It is our goal to showcase our signature event here in Albuquerque with great positive moments of truth for each and every one of our guests. In turn, we hope to set a culture here at that catches fire to the whole community. It starts with a warm and friendly welcome and ends with a sincere “see you next year”.

John Garcia



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