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Navigator News

May 3, 2016

Making Your Mark

The True Role of a Navigator by Jim Garcia

Navigators are responsible for identifying potential “hazards” on the intended journey upon which our guests embark.

As Navigators for Balloon Fiesta we are probably the most important people for our guests, because we can make the entire experience memorable and remarkable, or frustrating and distasteful. Our responsibilities include planning, advising and ensuring that all “hazards” (i.e. bad experiences) are avoided.

Act like the guest’s entire experience belongs to each one of us, because it does.

Every one of our guests have a general expectation of the elements related to the “Balloon Fiesta experience.” But as we know, there are many nuances that can make their journey difficult and it will be up to us to help them navigate their way. We should be easy to identify by both our attire as well as our “Ask me!” body language, which we display with pride and assurance. With this comes a responsibility to accurately give advice, direction and guide them to happiness. We may be the only one that makes their day special. The smallest solution may give them the greatest experience. Let’s make every interaction count. Every one of them… 

It doesn’t take much to make someone feel special.

When we’re volunteering at Balloon Fiesta, we are in the ‘experience’ business. This requires the effort and energy from each Navigator to make this event something special. We can’t control the weather, but everything else is up to us. We have to be prepared to direct, and to re-direct when necessary, the guests to a great Balloon Fiesta experience. The little things really do make a big difference.

Most Balloon Fiesta guests are from out of town, and their visit to Balloon Fiesta is probably part of a larger experience. We can make them feel welcome and at home. Part of our service may include recommending a great place to dine or a favorite attraction to visit. Great customer service comes in many forms, so let’s be prepared to handle the situation.

The best customer service happens when you least expect it.

You are familiar with this experience - when someone gives you that “little extra” and it makes you feel good. When they arrive, Balloon Fiesta guests have an expectation of warm, helpful, friendly, knowledgeable customer service. When we do that little extra something for them it really makes a difference. Let’s be the person that makes their day just a little bit better. It may just be a smile or a gesture, but if it’s genuine, they’ll know it.


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