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Feb 8, 2017

Basic Training for Navigators

A Review of the Basic Training Program for AIBF Navigators 

Balloon Fiesta Navigators are now required to complete a series of Basic Training videos and quizzes. These videos were introduced a couple of years ago and are designed to ensure that all Navigators are up to speed on the most important aspects of Balloon Fiesta.

There are a total of 5 videos, followed by brief quizzes. The quizzes allow us to confirm that you actually watched the videos. A score of 80% or higher is required, but you can take the quiz as many times as necessary in order to pass.
The videos are Balloon Fiesta Safety and Security, Guest Services, Event Information, and Ballooning 101 (Parts I & II).

Most important is the Safety and Security training. Our Public Safety Director and Public Safety Manager explain how a comprehensive Public Safety Plan is implemented during the event, and how you can help, should an emergency arise.

In the Guest Service video, you’ll learn about the basic tenets of providing Balloon Fiesta guests with a great experience.

Ballooning 101, Part I looks at the sport of hot air ballooning in general and discusses the principals of hot air balloon flight. Part II explores ballooning specifically at Balloon Fiesta.

Finally, the Event Information video is updated to reflect what’s new each year, so it is updated and published every year in September. It provides a look at the field layout, events, prices, and FAQs posed by guests.

The videos need to be refreshed according to the schedule in the following table. 


Topic Content Expires

Event Information

A snapshot of the details, logistics and specifics of the Balloon Fiesta event - gate times, prices, locations, and more


Safety and Security (26 min.)

An overview of how the Public Safety team ensures that Balloon Fiesta is one of the safest events in the country, and how Navigators can support their efforts  

Every other year

Ballooning 101 (Pts I&II) (13 min. ea.)

The basics of hot air balloon flight and balloon events during Balloon Fiesta

Every 5 years

Guest Service (32 min.)

The most important principles to providing top-notch guest (customer) service Every 5 years


It is very important that all Navigators are familiar with the information and concepts contained in these Basic Training videos. To this end, Navigators who do not watch the videos and pass the quizzes before Balloon Fiesta begins, will NOT be provided with the Navigator pack.

The videos are accessible to watch at any time as a refresher or for reference. Please take the time to view them, and we hope you enjoy learning something new!

All videos can be found on the Navigator Central page. 

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