OCT. 6-14 2018

America's Challenge

Oct 10, 2017

America’s Challenge Defending Champions Land, Three Still Flying

Update 7:25 AM MDT (1325Z) Tuesday, October 10

The America’s Challenge Command Center has received word that Team 1, Albuquerque’s Peter Cuneo and Barbara Fricke, has landed safely near Brighton, VT.    

Three teams remain aloft: Team 6 (Tièche/Sciboz), Team 4 (Zapart/Cayton), and Team 3 (Sullivan/White).   We would note that Teams 6 and 4 are in remote areas of Quebec and Labrador, with limited signal reception for our trackers.  We are able to add position data manually, but this is why you sometimes see track and speed as “0” even though the balloon is still moving. 

Under the race rules, the teams have up to four hours to report they have landed, and we post teams as having landed only after we have received confirmation from the pilots or their crew.  This is one reason you sometimes will see balloons being reported as flying that appear from the tracking to have landed.    

You can follow the final hours of this race for the record books at http://www.balloonfiesta.com/gas-balloons/gas-tracking, or on the Balloon Fiesta free apps for Android and iPhone.   


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