OCT. 6-14 2018

The Balloon Fiesta's Success Legacy

So, why has Albuquerque been so successful as the site for the Balloon Fiesta? How is it that year after year this community continues to host the world's largest balloon event, bringing millions of dollars into the local economy?

Pilots, crew spectators and officials all cite the wonderful weather and flying conditions Albuquerque enjoys, the opportunity to reunite with old friends and the fact that being the biggest carries with it its own momentum and attraction. But there is one word that emerges time and time again when anyone involved talks about the Balloon Fiesta's success — Volunteers. It is the tireless, seemingly endless enthusiasm beaming from thousands of volunteers which is still the heart of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta today!

The Balloon Fiesta would never have gotten off the ground without the selfless sacrifices of countless individuals who have given of their time, money and most of all their hearts, to put on an event with such a world class reputation. Sid Cutter and others had the vision. And the community of Albuquerque so lovingly embraced this event, that its warmth and hospitality is what has set the tone for the most fun-loving celebration of hot air ballooning in the world. How could it help but be the biggest. It is impossible to express in words, but equally impossible to miss in the faces of those who participate, the spirit that drives the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. They turn a high-desert town into a magic kingdom of balloons every October and create memories and experiences that last a lifetime. One just has to believe that the Winds of Enchantment will continue to welcome balloonists to Albuquerque for centuries to come.

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