OCT. 6-14 2018


Site Types

What is the difference between the sites?

STANDARD: $40.00 per night (dry camping) (South RV Lot)

BOX VIEW: $50.00 per night (dry camping) (South RV Lot)

PREMIUM: $95.00 per night (30Amp and water connection)  (South RV Lot)

VIP West/East: $100.00 per night (dry camping, adjacent to the Launch Field with 2 entry passes included valid during your stay.) 

PRESIDENT'S COMPOUND: $250.00 per night (Sites on a bluff overlooking the Launch Field with city water pressure and 30-50 Amp RV Hook-up, this site also includes 4 entry passes to the Launch Field valid during your stay.) 

*Please keep in mind that we are a temporary facility that is set in place prior to the event opening.   Placement among the RV park is at Balloon Fiesta’s discretion. We do "Rally Style" parking at all of our sites. You will be parked as you arrive. If you have a reservation for 3 RV sites and only one person arrives, the other two will be parked upon arrival in any section available. If you do not arrive together you will not be parked next to one another. 

RV Map with directions on how to arrive

Reservation Questions 

How do I make a reservation?

Please visit our website at www.balloonfiesta.com  , then guest info, and RV information.   There is an accurate and up to date schedule of availability for you to see what sites are available for this year's event. 

Having trouble booking your RV reservation?

If you are having trouble booking your reservations, please email Kim Judge for additional help,  

If you are using an APPLE based product, you may experience difficulties booking due to Safari settings.  Please set your Safari settings to the lowest security, process the reservation, then reset Safari settings back to original configuration.

What happens if I cannot keep my reservation? What is the cancellation policy ?

Up until July 14th refunds will be processed with a $10.00 fee for the Standard, Premium, and VIP sites.  President’s Compound is a fee of $12.50.   July 15th through August 31st a 50% refund will be given.  After August 31st, no refunds will be given.  We do not rollover paid reservations to the following year.

Is there a wait-list that I can get on for a site showing sold out ?

The waitlist is automated this year. Please log onto our RV site and place yourself on the waitlist as if you were making a reservation.  

What if there is only one of the days in the site I want, and I am willing to split my stay ?

There are no split reservations allowed. We require a 3 night minimum and they must be booked consecutively. 



What if I have lost my confirmation number or email with the confirmation information?

You can arrive and check-in by your last name with a proper ID or email   for another confirmation to be sent to you.

I have booked my reservation, when do I get my packet of information for check-in?

Your receipt/confirmation email is all that is received before arrival.  Nothing is mailed; you will receive a welcome bag upon check-in at the reservation booth.

When do reservations open each year?

Reservations open 9 days after the end of each Balloon Fiesta.  It is always a Tuesday at 9 am MST.  Reservations are online only, and that even applies for groups.

Site Questions

How big are your RV spaces?

Our spaces are 19 feet in width and 50 feet in depth.   We do ask that you disconnect your tow vehicle prior to arrival at the reservation booth.  This allows for us to park you quicker in your space.   

What is Rally Style Parking?

  All RVs are parked at AIBF’s discretion; requests can be made but are not guaranteed (*this applies to groups as well as individuals*)

What if I want to be parked next to my friend?

If you want to be parked next to someone in particular, we ask that you both arrive together.

When is Check-in and Check-out?

Check in time for reservations is 12 noon till approximately 7pm*, and check-out is 11am.

*We do not park after dark for safety purposes.  If you arrive after 7pm, you will be parked the next morning at 8am.*

Can I get water on site?

The only access to water when arriving is at our Standard/Premium lot.  We do however have a 3rd party vendor who is onsite for water fills.  There is a fee for the fill, please check with AAA about the price on the number of gallons you need.  

Is there a dump station?

No, however we have an on-site pumping service.  This is a 3rd party vendor who will come to you and pump your tanks for you.  There is a fee of $25.00 per pumping.  Please check with the reservation booth/tent for additional details.

Are generators allowed?

Yes, generators are allowed if they are not “Construction external generators.”   We do ask that you abide by our quiet hours of 10pm to 5am, and that they be 2 feet off of the ground. 

Are there showers on site?

Not currently.  We do not have a shower station or a place to shower.  

Are there portable toilets on site?

Yes, there are portable toilets throughout the various RV sites for the guests use.  We do ask that you do not throw any trash in the portable toilets, please. 

Can I have a campfire/bonfire during our stay?

NO Campfires/bonfires/propane fires are allowed per the Albuquerque Fire Department.  If you are caught having a campfire/bonfire you will be asked to leave for violating the Rules and Regulations of the park.  If you would like a copy of the Rules and Regulations of the RV park, please see Miscellaneous section below. 

Is there a map of the RV sites?


Are pets allowed at the RV Park?

Yes, pets are allowed.  NM has a leash law, so please make sure that your pets are on a leash and more importantly, pick up after your pet.

Can I take my pet to the Balloon Launch Field?

No, Balloon Fiesta Park is a City of Albuquerque Park, in which dogs are not allowed.  Dogs are not allowed at the park during Balloon Fiesta at any time.


 Launch Field/Balloon Fiesta Park 

Can I take my own golf cart/ATV or one I have rented to the launch field?

No, Golf Carts/ATV are not allowed to be taken down to the field.  Any RV guest found on the Launch Field with their own Golf Cart/ATV will cause you to be removed from the premises. This is an insurance and safety issue.  We offer a shuttle service for you to and from the field.


Can I ride my bike to the field and on the field?

You can ride your bike to the field, and park it with our free Bike Valet.  Bikes are not allowed on the Balloon Launch field at any time.  Bike Valet is located just north of the Balloon Museum, near our VIP RV sites.

I need a wheelchair, where can I rent one?

We rent wheelchairs on the field, near our information booths.  We also have motorized scooters for rent also.

Is there an RV shuttle? Where do I get on it? When does it run?

The RV shuttle buses run all day when there are double events, they start at 4am and run until 10pm.  There are 4 shuttle stops located in our Standard and Premium locations.   There is handicap access for wheelchairs or scooters.  These shuttles are free of charge. They will take you to and from the RV Park.

When does the field open? When does it close?

The balloon launch field opens at 4am and it is open till 10pm.


Do I have to purchase admission in advance?

No, we never sell out of general admission tickets.  You can purchase them at the gate for $10.00 per person per session.  Children under 12 are free.

What is a session?

We call a session the events scheduled for the time of day.  We have AM sessions and PM Sessions.   All events during the AM session are included in your admission, as with the PM Sessions.   The only event that is a separate charge is the MusicFiesta on the second Saturday of the event.  MusicFiesta includes general admission for the evening and the Concert. 


Where are the nearest Laundry, store, and Post Office?

Upon check in you will be given a welcome pack with a map and contact information of all of the necessary places you may need on your visit.

What are the Rules and Regulations for the RV park?

The Rules and Regulations can be downloaded with the link 2017 Rules & Regs, if you have additional questions, please email Kim at