OCT. 6-14 2018

Safety Tips

  • Dress in layers. It's sometimes very cool in the morning, but after the sun comes up it will warm up noticeably.
  • Bring sunscreen to put on after the sun is up. You're at a high altitude and are at risk for sunburn.
  • Bring appropriate eye protection. Sun and wind could be your enemies on a bright, sunny or windy day.
  • Don't smoke anywhere on the field! A lit cigarette could possibly ignite a balloon's fuel tank and an ash can melt the balloon envelope. Also, pockets of propane can settle in areas around the field. This odorless gas can easily ignite.
  • Decide among your group where you could meet in case someone gets separated or lost. Make sure your children have some identification on them.
  • Watch where you're going! Don't "drive and watch" at the same time. The balloons are a magnificent but distracting sight. Move completely off to the side of the road to watch.
  • Beware of vehicles moving around the field, especially emergency vehicles needing to get through the crowd.
  • For evening events, bring a flashlight. Also, take note of where you have parked your car. It's more difficult to find in the dark.
  • Watch the amount of alcohol that you drink. You're at a mile-high altitude which could increase alcohol's affect.

Lovelace Health Systems, one of New Mexico's largest health care organizations, is the official health care provider for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

Lovelace physicians, nurses and other medical staff will be providing emergency medical care at an on-site medical facility (next to the Public Safety Center) at the Balloon Fiesta.