OCT. 6-14 2018

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Welcome to the place where Balloon Fiesta Navigators can find all the information pertinent to volunteering at Balloon Fiesta.

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Please review the most current Navigator Handbook here: Navigator Handbook 08/2018

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Basic Training

Below are the Basic Training videos and quizzes. Click on the name of the training and you will be taken directly to the video and quiz.

1. History of Ballooning - New Video.........Learn the basics of hot air balloon flight and the history of ballooning. (11 minutes)
2. History of Balloon Fiesta- New Video...….Learn the history of Balloon Fiesta. (10 minutes)
3. Guest Service - New Video...…. Learn the most important principles to providing top-notch guest (customer) service. (33 minutes)
4. Safety and Security- 2016 Video.....Learn how the Public Safety team ensures that Balloon Fiesta is one of the safest events in the country, and how you can help support their efforts. This training must be renewed every other year. (26 minutes)
5. 2018 Balloon Fiesta Event Information** - Get the latest details, specifics and changes for this year’s event, such as prices, locations, etc. (21 minutes) NOW LIVE for 2018!!!

Don't forget to click on the quiz link in the video descriptions to get credit for watching these videos.

** This video is updated yearly and is required viewing each year.

Merit Training

Merit Classes are optional, "extra-credit" classes offered to our Navigators for a variety of reasons. We want to invest in you - to offer you additional skills to help you be a better Navigator, and to give you training and education you can use in other areas of your life. These classes are free to Navigators who work a minimum of 5 shifts or 25 hours per year.

Video Merit Classes

  1. Gas Ballooning 101 - Similar to Ballooning 101, but focuses on the sport of gas ballooning. (11 min)
  2. America’s Challenge - The history of America’s Challenge Event, Updated for 2018. (18 min)

In-person Merit Classes. See the calendar for dates, or click the links below for dates, details and registration.

  • CPR - Make our event safer for everyone involved. The CPR Classes are available to Navigators and are offered in person in Albuquerque.
    • CPR Certification, First Aid and AED - This class offers full CPR certification. Classes are offered in spring and summer. (next class August 26, 2018)

Other Merit Opportunities

  1. Advanced Ballooning (Crew Training) Pick an option from the list below! You only need one to get the credit. 
    1. Attend a AAAA (or equivalent ) Crew Seminar. Dates will be announced.
    2. Already BFA certified crew? your certificates showing your level of completion
    3. Complete the BFA Crew Achievement paperwork and to us. NO BFA membership needed.
    4. Already experienced crew? Take the online quiz! No video required, nothing to submit.
    5. Already a pilot? your pilot’s information (copy of license and logbook entry of last flight review)

Submit all evidence to . In the subject field please put Advanced Crew Evidence.



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