OCT. 6-14 2018

Navigator Team Openings

Artisans Tent This team is responsible for checking in artisans as they arrive prior to Balloon Fiesta and checking them out once Balloon Fiesta concludes. Tasks include assisting artists as needed, being present for extra security, collecting daily reports, answering guests questions. Daily ladder-climbing may be involved. Team members being work on the Wednesday, prior to the start of Balloon Fiesta.
Artisans Tent
Balloon Discovery Center
This is a hands-on learning center for kids of all ages to learn about the sport and science of ballooning. Team members interact with the guests and engage them with exhibits.  
Bike Valet Like a coat check or a vehicle valet, this team parks and locks up bicycles for guests who have pedaled into the event.  
Chase Crew Enrollment This team coordinates with our balloon pilots to determine which of them need crew members, and then they recruit and enroll crew members from among event visitors and guests.  
Courtesy Shuttles This team transports the guests in golf carts and other vehicles within various routes around the park or to the parking lots. Shifts run 6-7 hours in length.
Entertainment Team This team manages the entertainment we feature both on the Main Stage and the strolling performers on Main Street. Some experience in the entertainment industry is helpful but not necessary.  
Office Reception Desk This team supports the receptionist at the Balloon Fiesta offices in answering phones and assisting walk-in guests. Team members needed June-October during regular office hours.
Gondola Club is is our high-end all-inclusive dining area. Navigators who work at the Gondola Club help with registration, light foodservice such as cleaning tables, driving shuttle carts, and generally assisting the guests.  
Greeters This team greets the guests at a variety of admission gates and distributes event maps and answers questions. This team works short shifts – usually 3 hours.
Group Tours Hospitality This team greets the tour busses filled with event visitors, escorts them to the hospitality tent, does some light foodservice and answers questions for the guests.  
Information Booths These volunteers answer questions about the event, ballooning, and some questions about sightseeing around New Mexico.  
Merchandise Tent Support This team helps stock and manage our Official Merchandise tents while service groups handle transactions. Tasks include moving merchandise from area to area, maintaining and straightening merchandise displays and tent area, and generally supporting the operations of the tent. Some heavy lifting involved. Shifts may run up to 8 hours long.
Navigator Hospitality Tent This is our volunteer tent, so these team members set up the booth and manage light foodservice for the rest of the volunteers. Shifts available morning, mid-day and evening. These team members often also help with Pilot Parties and Music Fiesta ushering.
Packing & Distribution Team This team helps pack the hundreds of swag packs given to pilots, RV guests, media and other Navigators. They also operate distribution and may assist with pilot registration. This team works mid-day shifts 2-4 weeks prior to Balloon Fiesta.
Park & Ride This team assists in managing our park & ride service, assisting guests as they arrive at the park, and managing queues as they ready to depart. These team members work in a highly congested area and must be comfortable in large crowds.
Pilot Hospitality This team serves breakfast to the pilots and crew. Light foodservice is involved, and it’s a position best for early-morning people! Shifts start very early – usually between 3:30-4:00 a.m. and end around 7:00 a.m.  Morning shifts only.
Pilot Parties This team helps set up, take tickets and tear down for the various parties we host throughout the event. Shifts for this team are mid-day and some evenings. Some set-up involved.
International Pilot Welcome Committee This team assists first-year international pilots who are new to Balloon Fiesta. Tasks may include communicating with them prior to their travel to Albuquerque, meeting them at the airport, assisting with rental car pick-up, orienting them to Balloon Fiesta park, and other support. Team members must be familiar with Albuquerque area, and available mid-day in the week prior to Balloon Fiesta.
Warehouse Support This team assists with receipt and management of merchandise and other shipments arriving into the Balloon Fiesta warehouse. Mid-day help needed as early as August.
RV Team (Workampers) This team assists in preparation of RV lots and facilitates guest arrival. See Workamping

*Music Fiesta - This is a 1-day assignment during our music concert on Saturday, Oct. 14.

Ushers The tasks would include showing people to their seats, helping with ticket questions, and working the gates to ensure that guests have the correct ticket.
Backstage Hospitality This team supports the performers by maintaining the hospitality area, managing the meet and greet sessions, and general runners. No backstage experience necessary.

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