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ABQ-LOA 5/02/22

(For all times outside of the Balloon Fiesta Event)

Balloonists are only able to operate within the ABQ Class C airspace under a signed Letter of Agreement (whether that is a unique, individual LOA, or under the umbrella of an association LOA). Both AAAA and TopGun already have a signed LOA for their members. Check with them for how to be included. Not a member? Consider joining one of the organizations or email the FAA at

ABQ ATC will require the following information:
•    Operator’s name
•    Airman’s certificate number
•    Aircraft/balloon registration (N) number

2022 ABQ-LOA Flight Restriction Map using Avenza. (Go here if you already have Avenza loaded on your device. Otherwise, go to your device's app store and load Avenza maps, then look for the "ABQ-LOA" in the Avenza Map store.

2022 ABQ-LOA.jpg