Here is where we guide you to where you need to be for easiest access to, and around, Balloon Fiesta Park 
We have over 170 ADA accessible parking spaces available.

  We have ADA parking in six of our ten lots, allowing easier access to our Field.  This map shows you where the ADA spaces are within each lot.  The parking lots you need to remember for ADA are; Marvin the Martian (Green), Daffy Duck (Blue), Road Runner (Turquoise), Wile E. Coyote (Brown), and Tweety Bird (Yellow). 

The areas are outlined in blue for you to see easier.  The QR codes assigned to each lot will also help you get back to your vehicle from the field.  Make sure you scan the QR code and drop a pin on your smartphone before leaving your parking lot.  .  

If you forget to drop a pin, these "Find Your Way" maps are at the exit gates around Balloon Fiesta Park with color-coded QR Codes.  Each color matches a Parking Lot.  Hold your camera up to the QR Code corresponding with the NAME and COLOR of your lot, and quickly get directions back to your vehicle.


                                                    TRANSIT ASSISTANCE                                                

In addition, we have transit assistance as well, running from each lot to help you get to and from the parking lots.  The Fiesta Transports run from Elmer Fudd, and we have ADA Courtesy Shuttles (which are free!) running from Tweety Bird (yellow), Daffy Duck (blue), Marvin the Martian (green), Wile E. Coyote (brown), Granny (pink), and Road Runner (turquoise).  We have feather flags at the stops, and our shuttle drivers will pick you up, as they run continuously throughout each session. 


Courtesy Shuttle Times

 Saturday, 7 October: 4am-10:30am, and 3pm-9:30pm

Sunday, 8 October: 4am-10:30am, and 3pm-9:30pm

Monday, 9 October: 4am-10:30am

Tuesday, 10 October: 4am-10:30am

Wednesday, 11 October: 4am-10:30am

Thursday, 12 October: 4am-10:30am, and 3pm-9:30pm

Friday, 13 October: 4am-10:30am, and 3pm-9:30pm

Saturday, 14 October: 4am-10:30am, and 3pm-9:30pm

Sunday, 15 October: 4am-10:30am




If you would like to get one of our handicap placards, while registering yours, please call us at 505-821-1000.  We are happy to assist you, and answer any questions you may have!!