Balloon Fiesta will once again host a “yard sale” for balloon equipment. This event will take place on Monday, October 9 and Friday, October 13 on the Launch Field of Balloon Fiesta Park.  A section of the Launch Field will be set aside to accommodate sellers and buyers. 
Some of the details, requirements and restrictions are outlined below.
  • Date: Monday, October 9 and Friday, October 13
  • Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Location: Balloon Fiesta Park (Within the RED area)


  • Must be a registered Balloon Fiesta Pilot or apply to the Event Director for approval to sell equipment.
  • All sales are between the buyer and seller. Balloon Fiesta will not be responsible for any transactions or disputes
  • Only items associated with balloon operations or required as a balloon pilot will be permitted
  • Balloon manufacturers will not be permitted to sell new balloons
  • Equipment may be new or used but cannot be in direct competition with any items being sold on Main Street, Balloon Fiesta Park