Welcome to the Balloon Fiesta Collectors' Corner. Over the years, many different items have been created to celebrate and enhance the entire experience. Many of these items have been collected by individuals and as we approach our 50th year, the interest in these items grows. The intent of these pages is to document some of the items in the interest of history and to help those interested in identifying the authenticity of the items. None of the items listed on these pages are for sale. We'll leave that to the collectors.

We hope you enjoy these pages, and if you find you have items we are missing, please contact Lisa Mulder (lmulder@balloonfiesta.com) or Ken Tuley (ktuley@balloonfiesta.com).




Since the very beginning of Balloon Fiesta, programs have been produced to document the event.

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On these pages is a collection of the official and in some cases unofficial pins created by and/or for Balloon Fiesta. The site is always expanding as new pins are created and old pins continue to be found.

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While there were posters made for the first Balloon Fiesta, in 1979 the tradition of creating a beautiful poster each year began. Click Learn More to view the poster collection. 

Bumper Stickers

One of the many forms of advertising the Balloon Fiesta is with bumper stickers.
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Starting in 1976, Balloon Fiesta produces a yearly calendar featuring great photos. Starting in 2018 the calendars contain video attached to each month's picture.

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Precious metal coins were minted thru the 1990s in various designs, color and metals. Gary Henderson has put together a guide to the coins for us. 

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