Welcome to Balloon Fiesta™ Live!

Balloon Fiesta™ Live! is a live stream of all 14 events of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Anchored by Glen Moyer and Art Lloyd Jr., it's the next best thing to being at Balloon Fiesta in person! With multiple and unique camera angles, Glen and Art provide expert commentary based in part on their personal experience in flying hot air balloons and their personal friendship with many of our pilots and crews from our "rooftop studio". Joined in 2018 by fellow balloonists/journalists Ruth Lind and Kim Vesley, the Balloon Fiesta Live! on-air team has more than 120 years of ballooning and broadcast experience. If you can't be at Balloon Fiesta in person, or just want to relive the experience, check out Balloon Fiesta™ Live! on Facebook or YouTube. And while you're there, Like, Follow, and Subscribe to our page and channel. And check out the sponsor opportunity video at the bottom of the page!

The On-Air Team!


Anchors Art Lloyd Jr. and Glen Moyer from the rooftop studio.


Reporters Ruth Lind and Kim Vesely in action!

Here are direct links to the 2019 shows on YouTube!

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Show Notes

10/05/2019 Sat AM

Dawn Patrol Show, Mass Ascension

10/05/2019 Sat PM

America's Challenge, Balloon Glow, Fireworks

10/06/2019 Sun AM

Dawn Patrol Show, Mass Ascension

10/06/2019 Sun PM

Balloon Glow, Fireworks

10/07/2019 Mon AM

Flights and Competition

10/07/2019 Mon PM

America's Challenge Gas Event

10/08/2019 Tues AM

Flights and Competition

10/09/2019 Wed AM

Dawn Patrol Show, Flight of Nations, Mass Ascension

10/10/2019 Thur AM

Special Shapes Rodeo and Competition

10/10/2019 Thur PM

Special Shapes Glowdeo® canceled, America's Challenge Recap

10/11/2019 Fri AM

Special Shapes Rodeo and Competition

10/11/2019 Fri PM Pt-1 Pt-2

Special Shapes Glowdeo

10/12/2019 Sat AM

Dawn Patrol Show, Mass Ascension

10/12/2019 Sat Noon

Awards Brunch

10/12/2019 Sat PM

Night Magic Balloon Glow, Fireworks

10/13/2019 Sun AM

Dawn Patrol Show, Mass Ascension, Wrap-up