What is Allowed at the Park

I'm visiting Balloon Fiesta...
What can I bring to the Park with me?



  • Backpacks/bags (1 per person) are allowed but will be inspected entirely
  • Blankets or bulky clothing should be carried over the shoulder to be screened more quickly
  • Folding chairs are allowed but will have to be removed from the carrying case for inspection
  • Food of any kind for guest consumption. Resale is prohibited 


  • Weapons (including knives over 4” blade length), any item that may be used as a projectile or one that is deemed dangerous by Public Safety personnel
  • Any animal with the exception of a service animal 
  • Glass bottles and hard sided coolers
  • Alcohol of any kind
  • Religious or Political paraphernalia that is not approved by AIBF 

 Metal Detector Screening

  • Prior to entering gates, all patrons will be subject to security screening, including metal detector screening and inspection of bags or other items carried in. By tendering a ticket and entering the field you consent to such searches and waive any related claims that you might have against AIBF.  If you elect not to consent to the searches, you will be denied entry into the park 
  • The level of security screening may be modified on an event-by-event basis at the discretion of AIBF Public Safety supervision  
  • Remove any jackets or other large, bulky items from your bag and carry these in hand. When the contents of your bag are clearly visible, staff can screen bags without requiring any contents to be removed. If blankets or other items conceal the contents of a bag, staff must request that they be removed in order for screening to take place, delaying the process 
  • For walk through metal detector screening, remove any keys, coins or other metal objects from your pockets and hold these in hand above your head
  • Guests with implants or defibrillators will notify officers prior to going through the metal detector.  Place your hand over your implant and the rest of your person will be wanded