Navigator Mission

Creating the world premiere ballooning event with service, dedication, kindness, and teamwork.


To Navigate is to direct, guide, or manage a traveler on its course. A Navigator is a person who navigates. The word navigator embodies the role we expect you to play, for our guests, pilots, crew, and even fellow navigators and staff, -- offering guidance, showing them the way, and confidently leading them to everything they need to have an outstanding experience. We recognize and honor that you are volunteering your time, effort, and skills; we hope that you will wear the Navigator title proudly and show the world that AIBF Navigators are as world-class as the event.

Navi(gator)s follow THE GATOR WAY - A simple reminder while serving guests at Balloon Fiesta:

G - Generosity - Being kind or giving without expectation of anything in return

A - Attentive - Being mindful of something or of someone's needs

T - Teamwork - A group of people who work or play together

O - Opportunity - The opportunity to serve or a chance to do something good or noteworthy

R - Responsible - Taking care of one's duties, whether those are actions or support of other people 

To log in to your account, please follow these steps:

- Click on the orange "button" at the bottom

- Forgot your password? Password Reset 

- Enter your email

- Enter your password

- Once you are logged in, in the upper right-hand corner, click on the green down arrow

- Click "Navigator Profile"

Here is where you can update any information in your profile

You will need to submit a photo for your credentials that is head and shoulders area only, NO hats, NO sunglasses, NO pets, and NO other people in the picture.  

To access your Navigator Profile to sign up for shifts, follow these steps:

- Log in to your account
- In the top blue bar, click the "Schedule" tab
- Make sure the month showing is October
- Options of sign-ups will populate on the days there are openings to work
- Click on the day and time that you want to work.

Yes, you will be expected to wear the Navigator t-shirt, Navigator jacket, and photo credential any time you are scheduled to work.

Yes, you will be allowed to purchase up to ten (10) general admission tickets for friends and family at a discounted price of $6.00 each.  You will receive a code in an email in which you will use to purchase.  PLEASE be aware, the code is a one-time use only code and once you have checked out with your purchase you will not be able to use the code again.

Balloon Fiesta makes a limited number of RV spaces available for Navigators to earn. These RV spaces are intended for Navigators who cannot attend the event without an RV accommodation. These RV spaces are not guaranteed reservations; if you’d like a guaranteed reservation, you will need to reserve and pay for an RV space through the RV reservations website. While we would like to be able to accommodate all requests, we have a limited number of camping spots and an even more limited quantity of premium campsites.

We will consider all requests, submitted through an online form between March and April of the event year, that also meet the following criteria:
• 40-50 hours volunteered per person in 1 calendar year = 1/2 off dry camping 
• 51-120 hours volunteered per person in 1 calendar year = free dry camping  

Not everyone who meets these requirements will receive an RV space. An RV space from this limited number of spaces is not guaranteed until you receive an official email from the Navigator Manager. These notifications will be made by the 6-month date in May.
Hours are not combined with another Navigator. Hour requirements will be tracked by checking the shifts you schedule and work, you may be required to track your hours electronically. Navigators must abide by all standard rules and regulations that apply to RV camping.

Note: Out-of-town and out-of-state Navigators are given preference when awarding RV spaces. Local Navigators will be assigned an RV space based on availability.