While there were posters made for the first Balloon Fiestas, in 1979, the tradition of creating a beautiful poster begun. These posters instantly became a collector's item, with values climbing into the thousands of dollars. Balloon Fiesta does not attempt to track or set the pricing on past posters. However, a simple Internet search should reveal additional information.
Posters were available in different configurations. Numbered, signed and numbered, and without any markings. Trivia note: all posters, since 2006, when Balloon Fiesta assumed production of the posters from ProCreations, have included a roadrunner somewhere in the image. While some are obvious, others are cleverly hidden.
One more note. The 2018 poster is the first in a series reliving the Wyle E. Coyote and Roadrunner theme from the early days. The five-part series will continue through 2022, the 50th Balloon Fiesta.
More pictures coming soon!